Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shiny kitchen sink

Who knew that I would be encouraged by a shiny, clean kitchen sink? A little while ago, my husband used some CLR  to clean our kitchen sink. CLR is AMA-zing stuff for those looking for something to really effectively remove any markings or stains off ceramic etc- good for kitchens and bathrooms! My kitchen sink was a new shade of shiny white happiness. Everyone was singing and the birds were smiling.

The beloved CLR

 It seems like such a small thing, but every time that I returned to my kitchen to fetch something and the very clean and shiny sink caught my attention, I would smile and feel like everything was going to be okay! hehe! Seriously though, there is something motivating about an orderly area of the house and it creates a desire in you to get other things looking that way too!

I have noticed the same thing about being disciplined to not leave something on a couch or chair because things seem to like gathering together and having a party of their own and before you know it... the house has joined in! :) The same principle applies to dishes... I have also seen how mentally, it seems to help to keep on top of them, so that I can quickly do the few needing cleaning rather than feeling overwhelmed when I see the amount needing my attention and then resolving that it is a bigger project needing a more lengthy slot of my attention later!

What was also cool was to see how something so practical (like cleaning my kitchen sink) could bless me so many times in one day and continue to do so for quite a few days after that.

Well, if you would excuse me, I am inspired to go and let CLR work its magic on our kitchen sink once again! :) 

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